FourthWall Scores Device Personalization Patent

Proprietary Tech Used To Deliver Targeted Ads, Overlays and Preferred Content

FourthWall Media, a top source of cable set-top box viewing data, said the U.S. Patent & Trademark office has granted the vendor a patent tied to its broadband device personalization technology.

The patent -- "Television and Mobile Personalization Technology" (the patent office will assign it with an official number at a later date -- uses a proprietary method to analyze consumer on-device behaviors and store individual viewer profile data only on the consumer’s television or mobile device, where it remains for future use in targeted advertising and other forms of content delivery.While keeping that personal data protected, the system is also designed to inform targeted advertising systems which commercial to run, which overlay to display, or which personalized content is preferred by the viewer, FourthWall explained.

FourthWall said it originally designed its personalization technology for use in its Ad Widgets interactive advertising platform.

“Given the enormous opportunity in delivering tailored experiences and the simultaneous concern for preserving privacy, we set out to design a software technology that would create viewer profiles based on usage patterns while maintaining the profile data only in the consumer’s own device,” said FourthWall chief scientist and co-founder Dr. Louis Slothouber, in a statement. “With intelligence in the device, Ad Widgets can serve different content appropriate for each viewer by letting their device decide.”

FourthWall said this marked its 15th granted patent, and has 79 others filed.

Its customers and partners include the Comcast Media Center, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Bright House Networks, Rovi, and Dish Network, among others.