Fox AIMs to Build Ad Business With Data

Debuts New Sales Metric and Programmatic Offering

Fox is making a big move in the data-driven advertising race, offering to sell commercials—and make guarantees—based on how many potential customers they reach rather than viewers in the broad demographics measured by Nielsen.

By introducing a suite of four products including a programmatic offering under the Audience Insights Manager, or AIM, banner, Fox is joining other TV companies looking to compete as digital increases its share of the advertising market because it is seen as more precise, more efficient and more accountable by clients.

Comcast’s NBCUniversal, Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting and Viacom have also introduced suites of data-based ad products designed to reach advertisers customers more effectively and efficiently. Those programmers are trying to cut their reliance on Nielsen ratings, which are declining, limiting their ability to increase ad revenues.

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