Fox Business Network to Launch Teaser Site Oct. 1


News Corp.’s Fox Business Network said it will launch a “personality-driven” microsite Oct. 1 at – two weeks before the 24-hour network’s debut – to provide a sneak peek at FBN’s anchors and reporters.

The Web site will feature video clips of on-air talent including FBN’s anchor and managing editor of business news Neil Cavuto and vice president of business news and anchor Alexis Glick. FBN said each on-air personality will have a dedicated Web page with a series of headshots, a bio and blog entries.

The microsite will also provide three 30-second video promos featuring additional FBN on-air talent discussing their “approach to covering business.” The network’s on-air team includes Cheryl Casone, Rebecca Gomez, Dagen McDowell, Stuart Varney, Peter Barnes, Jenna Lee, Nicole Petallides, Cody Willard, Jeff Flock, Shibani Joshi and Connell McShane.

More broadly, Fox News Channel and FBN have embarked on an initiative to expand the video content on both sites and add features like allowing users to embed videos into their own blogs.

The URL currently redirects visitors to a subsection of FBN said that when the channel launches Oct. 15, the address will be converted to the network’s Web site.