Fox Family Gets Baseball


Weekly national baseball games that previously ran on Fox Sports Net will air
Thursday nights on Fox Family Channel beginning April 5, the network said

The broad $2.5 billion rights deal Fox signed with Major League Baseball in
September allowed the network to run two weekly national baseball games on
whichever Fox cable network the company selected.

FX will also run weekly national games on Saturdays. Both packages run for
the entire 26-week season.

The move could provide a significant ratings boost for the struggling Fox
Family. It will also allow Fox Sports Net to continue running its full schedule
of regional games, which provide strong lead-ins to its sports-news shows.

In the past, FSN was often forced to pre-empt its local sports-news shows in
order to carry the national games on its schedule.

Ted Turner's Atlanta Braves will take on the New York Mets in the first game
Fox Family is scheduled to carry.