Fox News Channel Draws 5.5 Million Viewers for S.C. Debate Coverage

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Fox News Channel's coverage of Monday night's GOP Presidential debate drew almost 5.5 million watchers.
The forum in Myrtle Beach, S.C. averaged 5.475 million watchers on Martin Luther King Day, according to Nielsen data. It also attracted 1.57 million adults 25 to 54, the so-called news demo.
With its 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. debate coverage on Jan. 16, cable news leader FNC dwarfed the combined total of competitors MSNBC and CNN, which averaged 747,000 and 518,000 watchers during that period, respectively.
FNC's presentation from Myrtle Beach exceeded the most recent Presidential debate, NBC's Meet The Press's Jan. 8 coverage from New Hampshire, which averaged 4.15 million watchers.
Thus far, FNC's coverage from S.C. stands seventh overall with viewers and the demo among this cycle's debates.
See chart below:

2011-2012 Debates
Network, Date, Program, Viewers 2+, 25-54s

ABC 12/10/2011 ABC NEWS YOUR VOICE, VOTE (IOWA) 7.63 million, 2.1 million
FOXN 12/15/2011 REPUBLICAN PRES DEBATE (IOWA) 6.71 million 1.87 million
ABC 1/7/2012 ABC NEWS YOUR VOICE, VOTE (NH) 6.27 million, 1.74 million
FOXN 9/22/2011 REPUBLICAN PRES DEBATE (FLORIDA) 6.11 million, 1.70 million
CNN 10/18/2011 WESTERN REP DEBATE (NEVADA) 5.5 million, 1.66 million
CBS 11/12/2011 CBS NEWS: SC REP DEBATE 5.48 million, 1.52 million
FOXN 1/16/2012 REPUBLICAN PRES DEBATE (SC) 5.475 million, 1.57 million
MSNBC 9/7/2011 DEBATE (CALIFORNIA) 5.4million, 1.73 million
FOXN 8/11/2011 REPUBLICAN PRES DEBATE (IOWA) 5.05 million, 1.43 million
NBC 1/8/2012 MEET THE PRESS-REP DEBATE (NH) 4.15 million, 1.44 million
CNN 9/12/2011 TEA PARTY REP DEBATE (FLORIDA) 3.61 million, 1.13 million
CNN 11/22/2011 REP NATL SECURITY DEBATE (DC) 3.60 million, 1.04 million
CNBC 11/9/2011 YOUR MONEY YOUR VOTE (MICHIGAN) 3.33 million, 993,000
FOXN 5/5/2011 REPUBLICAN PRES DEBATE (SC) 3.26 million, 854,000
CNN 6/13/2011 NEW HAMPSHIRE GOP DEBATE 3.16 million, 918,000

Source: Nielsen, live+ same-day data.