Fox News to Forgo Sept. 11 Ads

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Fox News Channel Thursday became the first national cable network to announce
that it will forgo all advertising during its extensive Sept. 11 coverage
reflecting the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Washington, D.C., and New

The 24-hour news network will take close to a $1 million advertising hit due
to its actions, but Fox News senior vice president of advertising sales Paul
Rittenberg said the network felt that it was the right thing to do given the
anniversary of the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

'Sept. 11 is a solemn day and one for reflection,' Rittenberg said. 'We
considered it inappropriate to include commercials on that day.'

He also believed other networks could follow suit, although competing 24-hour
cable news networks are still contemplating airing a limited schedule of
commercials or attracting sponsors to underwrite daylong programming.

On a local-news-network front, Time Warner Cable of New York City's New York
1 News network will go commercial-free for nearly two days during its extensive
Sept. 11 coverage.

Beginning Sept. 10, the local news network will air its wall-to-wall coverage
on the WTC attack sans ads, it said. NY1's reports will fall under the moniker
9/11: Reflect, Remember, Rebuild.