Fox News Out-Bushes CNN


Fox News Channel scored its highest-ever ratings Thursday night with its
analysis of President Bush's speech.

The network posted a 4.9 household rating March 6 from 8:51 p.m. to 9 p.m.,
counting 3.98 million households and 5.94 million viewers, according to Nielsen
Media Research data.

Cable News Network lagged well behind with a 2.2 rating, 1.94 million
households and 2.74 million viewers, while MSNBC notched a 1.0, 7.53 million
households and 936,000 viewers.

A similar performance was afoot during Bush's 51-minute press conference,
with Fox News posting a 4.6 rating (3.77 million households, 5.63 million
viewers), compared with a 2.1 for CNN (1.79 million, 2.43 million) and a 0.8 for
MSNBC (662,000, 855,000).

With the presidential press conference as a lead-in, The O'Reilly
that night posted the highest ratings in its history, garnering a 3.9
(3.17 million households, 4.43 million viewers).