Fox News Takes Top Spot on Weekly Cable Ratings Charts

ESPN leads among adult 18-49 viewers
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Fox News Channel was the most watched cable network in primetime last week, according to Nielsen.

Fox News averaged 2.7 million viewers during the week of Oct. 30 to Nov. 5, topping all cable networks, Nielsen said. Last week’s winner, ESPN, was second with 2.3 million, followed by MSNBC with 1.9 million viewers and Hallmark Channel with 1.8 million watchers, said the network 

USA (1.2 million viewers), AMC and TBS (tied with 1.1 million viewers); HGTV and History (tied with 1 million) and NFL Network (945,000) rounded out the top 10 most watched networks for the week 

Fox News continued its domination of the total-day rankings, finishing first for the eighth consecutive week, besting MSNBC, Hallmark, ESPN and Nickelodeon

ESPN was the top choice among adults 18-49 in primetime and on a 24-hour basis, Nielsen said.

Most Watched Cable Shows Oct. 30 to Nov. 5

DateShowNetworkTotal Viewers

11/5   The Walking Dead                                              AMC                            8.5 million

11/2   Thursday Night Football (Buf/N.Y. Jets)               NFL Network                 5.8 million

11/4   College Football Ohio State/Iowa                        ESPN                           4.1 million

11/2   Hannity                                                            Fox News                     3.7 million

11/5   Hallmark Movie: Miss Christmas                          Hallmark                      3.6 million

10/30 Hannity                                                            Fox News                     3.5 million

11/2   Tucker Carlson Tonight                                     Fox News                      3.3 million

10/30 Tucker Carlson Tonight                                     Fox News                      3.2 million

10/30 The Ingraham Angle                                         Fox News                     3.2 million

10/30 The Rachel Maddow Show                                  MSNBC                        3.2 million

Source: Nielsen