Fox News Tops Bush-Speech Ratings


Fox News Channel was the place most cable viewers gravitated toward to watch President Bush’s address about Iraq Sunday night.

Fox News averaged 2.28 million viewers between 9:01 p.m.-9:18 p.m. Dec. 18, versus 946,000 for Cable News Network from 9 p.m.-9:18 p.m. and 222,000 for MSNBC from 9:02 p.m.-9:18 p.m., according to Nielsen Media Research data.

As for the analysis that followed, Fox News scored with some 2.22 million viewers from 9:18 p.m.-9:29 p.m., while MSNBC garnered some 432,000 viewers on average from 9:18 p.m.-10 p.m. CNN’s Larry King Live, which immediately followed the address through 10 p.m. Sunday, notched 946,000 viewers on average, according to Nielsen data.