Fox Sports Scores Expanded, 13-Year Big 12 Football Pact


Fox Sports Media Group has scored a 13-year pact with the Big 12 Conference, giving the programmer exclusive cable rights to some 40 football games per season, plus access to an array of Olympic sports and conference championship contests.
Kicking off with the 2012 season, Fox Sports will essentially double its current rights to a minimum of 40 football contests, many of which will be distributed by FSN owned-and-affiliated regional sports networks that combined reach some 85 million homes. Moreover, a number of games will be earmarked for FX, fortifying the 99-million subscriber network's reentry into the sports realm.
Fox also has similar cable exclusivity for a minimum of 40 Olympic sports events, including conference championships and women's basketball. The agreement also includes comprehensive multimedia rights to allow the programmer to maximize online, mobile, and wireless opportunities for its Big 12 content.
The Sports Business Daily, citing sources, values the deal at some $90 million annually, which singnifies a major jump from the $20 million the programmer is paying now. If that math is correct, Fox's outlay would approach the $1.2 billion mark over the term of the contract.

When the agreement takes effect in the 2012-13 academic year, every Big 12 home football game will be broadcast on ABC, a Fox network, or by institutional platforms. Big 12 schools will have the option to retain rights to one home football game per season for distribution via school-controlled platforms. In all other sports, the colleges will retain the rights to all home contests not selected for broadcast by ABC/ESPN or Fox Sports.

ABC/ESPN remains the Big 12's over-the-air carrier for football and also controls men's basketball rights, including the Phillips 66 Big 12 men's basketball championship. The league's current ABC/ESPN agreement runs through 2015-16.

With its new Big 12 agreement in place, Fox Sports Media Group, which also holds rights to Conference USA, Big Ten, ACC, Pac 10 and SEC rights, claims to proffer the most comprehensive portfolio of college product in the country, with nearly 2,000 marquee events showcased through its national and regional platforms, notably Fox broadcast, FSN, FX, the Big Ten Network, and Fox College Sports.