Fox Sports Set to Pull Angels, Dodgers

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Continuing a long-running sports-licensing dispute between the two companies,
Fox Sports Net is planning to pull 40 Los Angeles Dodgers and 20 Anaheim Angels
Major League Baseball games from more than 450,000 Time Warner Cable of Los
Angeles subscribers.

At issue is Fox's decision to increase its 20-cent surcharge for 40 Dodgers
games to 30 cents and to hike an undisclosed surcharge for 20 Angels baseball
games. The Dodgers blackout would begin June 27, while the extra Angels games
would be dropped beginning July 25. Fox Sports Net 2 will air 40 Dodgers games
and 30 Angels games prior to their respective blackouts.

Fox Sports vice president of media relations Lou D'Ermilio said the increase
is 'economically reasonable' and added that all of the major area MSOs have
agreed to the surcharge increase.

But Time Warner vice president of corporate communications Mike Luftman said
the MSO doesn't want its full subscriber base to pay expensive surcharges for
programming that attracts a small portion of viewers.

'The consumers not watching the games constitute the majority of our customer
base,' Luftman said. 'This is an ongoing situation that has not been

The dispute is the second in two years between Fox Sports and Time Warner.
Fox Sports Net Southwest pulled eight Houston Astros baseball games from Time
Warner systems in Texas last season after the MSO refused to pay surcharges for
the games.