Franken Calls for Title II-Like Assault on Comcast-TWC

Senator Heartened by Comcast-TWC Deal Stories

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) has suggested the same activism that helped turn the FCC toward Title II reclassification of the Internet can be used to thwart the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger.

In a column for TechCrunch, Franken, arguably Congress' most vocal critic of the deal, was responding to a report by Bloomberg that DoJ officials were leaning against approving the deal. Bloomberg has had run-ins with Comcast over its last deal — with NBCU — and the news neighborhooding condition Bloomberg argued Comcast had not adhered to in its channel placement of Bloomberg TV in some markets.

Franken pointed to that issue in his column.

"[T]he FCC's decision on net neutrality has given me new hope that, with a loud enough movement — with enough people like you organizing online, calling your members of Congress, and writing to the FCC and DOJ — we might just be able to win another uphill battle."

Franken says twice in the piece that preventing the deal is an uphill battle.