Free Press Delivering 'Jumbo' Title II Message to FCC

Plans on Parking Video Screen Outside Chairman's Dinner

Free Press says that to make a point about network neutrality, it would park a Jumbotron screen outside Thursday night's (Dec. 4) Federal Communications Bar Association dinner honoring FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and former commissioners.

The video message: Reclassify broadband access under Title II. That comes in the form of dozens of short clips, including the President's video calling for Title II, the "Don't Blow Up the Internet" song (language warning) and a poem in white letters on a black background saying the following: "FCC Chairman Tom/went out to the Telecom Prom/He's taking too long/To make Net neutrality strong/Hurry the F*%@ up! (it uses the symbols rather than the word).

Free Press plans to park the screen across the street from the Washington Hilton hotel, where the dinner draws a crowd of lawyers, lobbyists, journalists and others.

“While Chairman Wheeler is laughing it up with lawyers and lobbyists at yet another exclusive Washington gala, we want to make sure he doesn’t forget about the millions and millions of Net Neutrality supporters who are still watching and waiting for him to act,” said Free Press President Craig Aaron.