Free Press Supports Berkman Center Broadband Study


The Federal Communication Commission's Berkman Center study on international broadband, much maligned by broadband network operators, received support from Free Press Monday.

The report concluded that the U.S. was a middle-of-the-pack performer in broaband, due to the FCC's decision that Internet service providers should not be subject to mandatory access provisions.

"Though the draft study's obvious, yet somehow controversial, observation that the U.S. is a middle-of-the- pack performer will surely raise the ire of industry and their paid henchmen, we are confident that the Commission will find much value in the study," said Free Press in its filing with the commission.

Cable's rollout of high-speed service got something of a backhanded compliment in the filing. Free Press said that the data in the study, combined with data elsewhere in the FCC docket indicates insufficient competition for high-speed access. "[F]or a large portion of the country, next-generation services are likely to be a cable DOCSIS 3.0 natural monopoly," said the group. "This should be a top concern for this Commission."