FreeWheel Council Study Finds Fewer Spots Boost Engagement

Viewers expect a high ad load
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Viewers expect to have to sit through numerous commercials when they sit through short-form video content, but their engagement with ads increases as the load decreases, according to a new study from the FreeWheel Council

The report notes that people are consuming more content on more screens. On mobile in particular, the content is mainly short-form, and the size of the ad load is a big factor in the effectiveness of those ads.

The study found that viewers actually expect to see a high number of ads while viewing content—ad much as thee ad for four video clips.

“The ratio of content to ads is a delicate balance but there is clear evidence from this research that there is a halo effect on engagement levels for both content and ads when combined. Lower ad loads encourage higher engagement levels as users do not get fatigued or frustrated by frequent interruptions, so the key is finding the appropriate level, which may be further determined by content lengths and screen size,” the report said.

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