FreeWheel to Monitor Response to Ad Loads

Conviva software measures viewer engagement with content
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FreeWheel will begin monitoring video-on-demand users experience and advertising impressions using software from Conviva, the two companies announced.

At a certain point, viewers reject advertising and will stop watching content, which hurts FreeWheel and its clients.  The data gathered, including when subscribers stop watching content they’ve ordered, will help optimize viewer engagement with content and determine the optimal amount of advertising in order to maximize monetization.

“FreeWheel realizes the value of reporting user experience in real-time. This capability is essential to our customer’s business across those video formats. We are pleased to work with Conviva, an industry leader in experience management and real-time engagement analytics, to ensure our customers have the capabilities and insights they need to operate their business,” said James Rooke, chief revenue officer, FreeWheel. “Our partnership with Conviva will deepen the insights available to our customers, allowing them to continue to grow their business and maintain long-term viewer engagement.”

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