Fremont Fines TCI Cablevision

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Fremont, Calif. -- The City Council here has fined TCICablevision, the predecessor to AT&T Broadband & Internet Services, $18,000 overcustomer-service problems, while continuing to study whether service standards should beset for the @Home Network high-speed-data service.

Fremont -- an early @Home launch market and the city whereAT&T is now testing a combined cable, data and telephony offering -- was the site of awell-publicized slowdown in the premium data offering in November.

Since then, the City Council has been working with TCICablevision officials to resolve @Home service problems such as the handling of customercomplaints.

On March 23, the City Council resolved to form a task forceto study issues surrounding the possible service standards, and it also levied the fine onTCI for failing to meet call-answering standards.

TCI said it hired 180 more people to handle the unexpectedrise in customer-call volume.