Friends of Democracy Super PAC Makes First TV Buy


A new Super PAC, Friends of Democracy, which is critical of the Super PAC money spent on political ads targeting candidates, has just bought $700,000 worth of TV time in four states on political ads targeting four incumbent Republican House members.

The incumbents in the Super PAC's sights are Dan Lungren (Calif.), Chip Cravaack (Minn.), Sean Duffy (Wis.) and Chaarlie Bass (N.H.).
"Americans have made it clear that they are fed up with being voiceless in the age of SuperPACs and mega-million dollar donors, this frustration should be read as a warning for politicians as they head into the final stretch before the elections," said Jonathan Soros, co-founder of Friends of Democracy and "son of billionaire hedge funder George Soros," The Huffington Post points out in a piece about the the Super PAC excerpted on the PAC's Web site.
That means broadcasters in the districts in California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire represented by the congressmen not only benefit from the Super PAC money, but from the dollars targeting all that other Super PAC spending.
Web sites will also benefit, since the group says it is also launching an "aggressive online campaign" in those districts. T
You can check out the ads at