FSN Gets in the Ring with Tyson


Mike Tyson takes his gloves off on a variety of topics during a special
two-hour installment of Fox Sports Net’s documentary series, Beyond the

The controversial former heavyweight champion will speak of people, places,
personal struggles, imprisonment, his career and more during the show's July 16
premiere at 8 p.m.

The show will run on all 20 of FSN’s regional sports networks during a
scheduling break for the channels. Major League Baseball will still be on its
All-Star Game break that night.

Ex-wife Robin Givens, who was accused of trying to capitalize on Tyson’s
success, reveals her perspective on their ill-fated nuptials. Beyond the
marks her first public interview regarding her ex-husband since the
couple appeared on a Barbara Walters Special in 1988.

The special also includes interviews with others close to Tyson, including
former trainer Teddy Atlas, second wife Monica Turner and his attorney, Dale

The program, narrated by rapper and TV actor Ice-T, distills 12 hours of
interviews shot in various settings with producer David Michaels.

Although viewer discretion is advised, the program is heavily edited. The FSN
spokesman said profanity is minimal, with most of the offending words bleeped

There has been discussion of a less-edited, 'late-night' version of the show,
but there are currently no definite plans for this, according to FSN