FTC to Release Mobile App Follow-Up Report

February Staff Report Concluded Parents Weren't Getting Enough Info on Data Collected from Their Kids
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The Federal Trade Commission plans to release a follow-up to a February report about the privacy issues raised by mobile apps targeted to children on Monday.

According to a notice on the website, the FTC will host a discussion among various FTC officials about the report.

The February staff report found that "neither app stores nor developers" provide parents with sufficient information to determine what data is being collected from their kids and how it is being shared.

The FTC is preparing to release it final recommendations for updating its enforcement of child online protection law to reflect the rise in digital delivery, including via mobile devices.

Earlier this week, the Center for Digital Democracy and Common Sense Media released a survey that found that 82% of respondents strongly disagree with the statement that it is OK for advertisers to collect information from children's mobile phones.

The FTC is currently trying to work with industry stakeholders and public interest groups on mobile app privacy guidelines as part of an Administration effort to flesh out its privacy "bill of rights" proposal.