Full FCC To Vote On Auction Details Notice

Will Provide More Detail on How it Gets There
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The FCC is planning to vote Dec. 11 on the next big item in its broadcast incentive auction process, which is the proposed details of how the commission gets from the legislative statutory auction mandate to a successful auction, in this case a first-ever, double-sided auction that has been likened to a Rubik's Cube.

That will be in the form of an incentive auction public notice (PN) seeking comment on some of the "under-the-hood" info about how the auction will be run, what the opening bid prices for broadcasters will be, and how repacking will be handled.

It constitutes a set of proposals that is issued in every auction that takes auction policy and turns it into specific proposals on how to get them done. It is normally done at the Wireless Bureau level, but given that this is a first-of-its-kind double (reverse and forward) auction, it is being voted on by the full commission.

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