Fuse Takes Another Swipe at MTV


In its latest swipe at MTV: Music Television, Fuse will tout its own
downscale version of MTV’s "Beach House."

The centerpiece of Rainbow Media Holdings Inc.’s six-week "Fuse Beach House"
pushes is a huge outdoor billboard in New York’s Times Square, which is
scheduled to appear as of Monday on a Viacom Inc. sign, although Fuse president
Marc Juris said late Friday afternoon that the Bertelsmann Building suddenly balked Thursday.

The sign would not have been erected on Friday in any case due to the rain, a Fuse spokesman said, adding that the network doesn't expect any decision until Monday.

Juris, surprised at the record company’s stance, said they’re "in heated
debate" and promised that the ad, if vetoed, will nonetheless appear "somewhere
in Times Square."

Five of Fuse’s on-air personalities are posed like trailer-park trash in
front of a mobile home beneath ad copy saying, "It’s not the Hamptons, it’s not
near the beach … it’s not even a house."

There also are plugs for Fuse as "the alternative to mainstream music
television" that offers "music videos all day."

Phone kiosks, "wild postings" and on-air promotion spots will also be part of
Fuse’s media mix next week, Juris added.