Fuse Tweaks MTV in Post ‘Letter’


Rainbow Media Holdings Inc.’s Fuse took a full-page shot at rival MTV: Music Television in Thursday’s edition of the New York Post.

The text of Fuse’s "Open Letter to MTV" follows:

Dear Friends at MTV,

Every day, the entertainment industry is a victim of senseless, brutal wardrobe malfunctions, accidents and outright crimes.

MTV, we at Fuse are standing with you!

Even though we are competitors, we think it's time to put aside our differences and take a stand. Let us not dwell on last Sunday's halftime show -- the dated songs, the random crotch grabs and the senseless lip-synching. No. Let's put that all aside and focus on the issue at hand: VELCRO JUST DOES NOT WORK.

Many of us here have been victims of wardrobe malfunctions and understand the life-long impact one single costume catastrophe can have.

We at Fuse will support you any way we can. We will continue to play music videos every day, all day, day after day after day.

We are also willing to donate generously to the I.F.D.A.D.A.N.T.* (The Institute for the Development of Advanced Double Adhesive Nipple Tape).

Signed in solidarity,

Your Friends at Fuse

P.S. For what it's worth, we also thought Chicken of the Sea was a chicken-based product.

* Does not exist, but should. Give the Breast a Rest. Watch Music Videos on Fuse.