Fuse Will Start Spreading the News


Music-themed network Fuse will sing a new programing tune, launching a new daily music show this fall.

Fuse News will be the first of several character and story-based original shows the MSG Media-owned channel will launch over the next year, in hopes of catching the ears and eyes of both viewers and affiliates.

"I think it's important to the extent that we're offering original, differentiated content," Fuse TV president Mike Bair said. "This establishes our point of view and brand message and allows us to create content that will help create and bring back an audience to Fuse."


The 30-minute Fuse News will launch this fall as a "SportsCenter meets E! News for music" show, providing breaking news, gossip and interviews revolving around the top names in the recording industry, Bair said.

Grammy Award winning R&B singer Ashanti, music and fashion personality Alexa Chung, reality-series star Jack Osbourne and former Gawker writer Elaine Moran will serve as on-air anchors, each bringing their own experiences and talents to the program.

"By creating this nightly, half-hour show we will be the one place to go to get a combination of music news that's important, but with a unique point of view and voices that only we can offer because of our unique relationships within the music world," Bair said.

Fuse News will serve as the centerpiece of a full-fledged news division with more than 90 employees headed by former E! executive Jeff Shore, providing viewers with comprehensive music industry coverage across multiple platforms.

The news service will fuel Fuse's 24/7 on-screen tickers and information bars, its redesigned website and social media sites including Spotify, Twitter, Facebook and the network's YouTube channel.

"This is a generation that's connected to each other through social media to the point where information on pop culture and music becomes social currency," said Brad Schwartz, senior vice president of programming and operations for Fuse. "So having that information, knowing what's new and being that source of information for your friends is an exceptionally powerful attachment in today's world. If you're going to be a music network you have to cover the category on all platforms."

Fuse is hoping its news push will help differentiate the 57-million-subscriber network from other music-themed services such as Palladia.

Fuse in June was dropped by satellite-TV provider Dish Network and replaced by Palladia, but has agreements with every other major distributor, according to Bair.


Fuse also has more than 30 new original shows in development and already has plans to launch several over the coming months.

The slated new shows include Popped, which highlights the moment that propelled an artist to stardom; Off Beat, a 30-minute comedy show featuring the funniest music-themed viral videos; and Warped Roadies, a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the cross-country Vans Warped Tour.

"We are dedicated to telling the stories that come out of the music industry, which is filled with really loud characters and people living amplified lives," Schwartz said. "We want to tell all of those stories because nobody is really doing it now."

Fuse also hopes the new shows will give it a ratings boost. The network has struggled this sumer, declining 19% in total primetime viewers to 42,000, down from 52,000 the previous summer, according to Nielsen.

Music network Fuse will launch a daily news show this fall, as part of a batch of orginals it will roll out over the next year.