FX Jumps Into Award Game


Sooner or later, it was fated to happen -- FX running an awards ceremony

Sooner it is -- May 25, exactly -- when FX presents The Prism Awards,
honoring entertainment efforts portraying the consequences of drug abuse,
alcohol and smoking.

The special will be taped May 8 in Los Angeles.

The annual honor was established in 1997 by the Entertainment Industries
Council, a nonprofit institution marking its 20th anniversary this year.

Studios, producers and TV networks submitted 313 entries for 2003 Prism
recognition. Specific categories cover achievement in theatrical films,
made-for-TV movies, music, comedy and drama series.

For the past three years, the ceremony was distributed via broadcast

"We are thrilled to partner with FX, as they have become one of the most
exciting, growing cable networks around and are recognized for introducing some
of today's standout original programming," EIC CEO Brian Dyak said in a prepared

This year's presentation will be run in partnership with the National
Institute on Drug Abuse and the Robert Wood Johnson