G4 Celebrates B1


G4, one of the few cable channels to launch in 2002, marks its first birthday

The Comcast Corp.-owned channel devoted to video-game content and culture
heads into year two accessible among more than 9 million households, triple the
universe at its premiere.

MSOs beside Comcast aboard as affiliates include Time Warner Cable, Mediacom
Communications Corp., Insight Communications Co. Inc. and Cox Communications
Inc. The channel also has an affiliation contract with the National Cable
Television Cooperative.

Participating advertisers include Procter & Gamble Co.'s Pringles chips
brand -- which sponsors the network's Cheat! Gamers Guide series --
American Honda Motor Co. Inc. and retail chain EB Games.

To celebrate, G4 will play viewer-requested episodes all day long of various
series, two episodes per series, into early Friday morning. Viewers registered
their selections online at www.g4TV.com.

Channel hosts will appear in special interstitials marking the birthday and
call attention to upcoming attractions, including the special "G-Phoria" event
happening this July in Los Angeles.