G4, Game Retailer Ally


G4 and Electronics Boutique Holdings Corp. announced Tuesday that they have
entered into a multiyear advertising and marketing partnership.

G4 is the Comcast Corp.-owned cable network focusing on video games.
Electronic Boutique is a specialty retailer of video games and accessories, and
its stores are now being rebranded EB Games.

EB Games will now become the presenting sponsor of Filter, G4's
countdown show, as well as sponsor of the 'Buried Treasure' segment on the
network's news program, Pulse.

In addition, the two companies will create a special advertising unit, 'EB
Games Sneak Peek,' a two-minute interstitial video clip featuring EB Games
titles available for preorder.

G4, meanwhile, will have in-store signage and video displays to promote
tune-in for the network.