G4 Nets NCTC Deal


G4 officially announced Monday that it has reached a carriage agreement with
the National Cable Television Cooperative.

Although the announcement was made this week, NCTC systems began rolling out
G4 as early as Dec. 15, network officials said. It's unclear, however, how many
NCTC systems and subscribers Comcast Corp.-owned G4 has picked up in the past

NCTC senior vice president of programming Frank Hughes said of the deal, "G4
is a perfect example of the kind of new, distinct programming that increases the
value of digital cable."

In other G4 news, the network announced the hiring of Major League Soccer
star Cobi Jones and Temptation Island 2 actor Rossi Morreale as hosts of
original show Sweat, which focuses exclusively on news and reviews for
fans of electronic sports games.