G4 to Play with Spaceballs

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G4 hopes the ratings Schwartz will be with them, as it has committed to carry a new animated series based on 1987 science-fiction parody Spaceballs from comedy legend Mel Brooks.

The gamer-centric network licensed the U.S. rights for the first run of Spaceballs: The Animated Series.

Its initial episode will mirror the plot of the movie: Dark Helmet kidnaps Princess Vespa in an effort to blackmail her father, King Roland, into giving up his planet's air to replenish that of a planet run by evil President Skroob (the latter to be voiced by Brooks). Later episodes will include adventures across the galaxy. Brooks will voice two characters in the series.

Thomas Meehan -- who co-wrote the musical version of The Producers, as well as two other Brooks projects -- will oversee the series.

The show is being created by Berliner Film Companie, a German company that is already producing seven other animated television series. Initially, the company is creating 13 30-minute episodes.

MGM Worldwide Television Distribution Group is syndicating the series, officially launching it at the upcoming MIPCOM international television festival in Cannes, France, beginning Oct. 9.

Spaceballs is the second high-profile acquisition for G4 this year. In July, the network announced that it would be one of three media outlets that have licensed Arrested Development in syndication.

G4 will launch the animated series in the fall of 2007.