G4 Rolls Out Car to Drive Interest at Comic Con


Gamers, comics and cars: Somehow they all go together, so G4 has taken advantage of that affinity.

The channel aimed at video game fans has formed a partnership with Toyota Motor Corp. USA and Image Comics to create a rolling comic book.

The partners debuted the car, a Toyota Yaris, at this weekend’s Comic Con International in San Diego. The car, displayed at G4’s booth there, was painted with the art and storyline from an Image Comics book, Fear Agent. If attendees “toured” the entire car, they could read the entire episode of the comic’s debut.

To further drive traffic to G4’s convention location, the comic book publisher provided Fear Agent trade paperbacks, which were given to the first 1,000 fans that signed up at G4’s booth. The paperback contained the first four issues of the new comic.

The authors of the comic, Rick Remender and Tony Moore, also scheduled a booth appearance, so fans could get those collectible paperbacks autographed.

New trading cards, featuring comic art and the design specifications of the car, were also distributed.

G4, which has covered Comic Con for three years, increased its coverage of the convention this year, prominently featuring the car in its coverage on Attack of the Show. The network also scheduled two one-hour wrap-up specials on the convention this week.

The G4 Web site (www.g4TV.com) features eight Yaris mobisodes as part of its podcast and broadband coverage of the convention.