GE Americom Makes Ops Offer


Princeton, N.J. -- GE American Communications Inc. last
week detailed an aggressive program to garner cable interest in its satellite slots --
free 3.8-meter dishes for cable operators with 11,000 or more subscribers.

GE Americom operates one satellite, GE-1, with a payload of
24 36-megahertz, 20-watt, C-band transponders. A second, GE-4, will carry 24 46-MHz,
110-watt, Ku-band transponders with a nationwide footprint, starting in the second quarter
of next year. That bird will replace Spacenet 4.

In the new antenna program, GE will distribute up to 2,500
antennas in an effort to reach up to 90 percent of cable subscribers in the United States.

GE currently carries some Rainbow Sports services, and it
plans to be a satellite distributor for other new cable programmers and services migrating
from Spacenet 4, executives said.