‘Gemini Division’ Set for Online Debut


NBC Universal Digital Studio Tuesday announced that Gemini Division, a 50-webisode online series starring Rosario Dawson, will debut Aug. 18 on NBC.com, SCIFI.com and GeminiDivision.com.

The series marks the studio’s first production and will also be available on a variety of mobile, gaming and video-on-demand platforms, NBC Universal Digital Studio officials said.

“The combination of talent and the incredible storytelling and production value that Gemini Division brings to our viewers provides a broad canvas for Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, Acura and UPS to explore new ways for viewers to connect with brands in a meaningful and organic narrative,” Cameron Death, vice president of NBC Universal Digital Studio, said in a statement.

“Leveraging the storytelling history of NBC Universal provides users with an unparalleled branded entertainment experience, available across multiple digital platforms,” he added.

The first webisodes will premiere on Aug. 18 on NBC.com and SCIFI.com, with new webisodes rolling out weekly. Webisodes will also be available weekly on VOD via Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS and DISH Network, in addition to EST (Electronic Sell-Through) via Amazon Unbox, Microsoft's Xbox LIVE and Zune, NBC Mobile and several online video portals.

Set in the not too distant future, Gemini Division follows NYPD vice cop Anna Diaz (Rosario Dawson) who, while searching for the truth behind her fiancée's murder, is drawn into a secret war between a race of artificial life forms know as SIMs and the covert agency charged with hunting them down.