Genachowski to Appear at NAB

April Appearance Suggests He Is Not Headed for Exit before Then
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It looks like FCC chairman Julius Genachowski won't be going anywhere for at least a couple more months. Genachowski will make an appearance at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas in April, NAB said Tuesday.

As usual for FCC chairs at NAB, Genachowski will participate in a morning Q&A session April 10, with NAB joint board chair Paul Karpowicz providing the questions.

Look for questions on the incentive auction -- broadcasters are troubled by some recent activity on the front in the form of an FCC proposal on software to calculate interference and coverage for TV stations and, if no action has been taken by then, on the media ownership item the commissioners have yet to vote on.

There has been speculation that the chairman might exit before that, though he has maintained he remained focused on his job and has deflected questions about a possible departure.