Genachowski, Rubio on Same Page About Expanding ITU Authority Over Net

Chairman Holds Tweet Q&A with Sen. at Twitter's Headquarters

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowksi held an online Q&A session Tuesday from Twitter headquarters, telling Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) that Internet freedom is vital for innovators and speakers and a "day 1 priority of mine."

Rubio had tweeted the following: "What is FCC doing to help preserve Internet freedom at #WCIT? Must oppose Internet regulation and expanding #ITU authority."

Genachowski and Rubio are pretty much on the same page, as are Republicans and Democrats in general, on the need for continuing a multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance. The WCIT reference is to the upcoming ITU World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai.

The U.S. is concerned about a push by China, Russia and some Arab states for more UN involvement (ITU is a UN organization) in Internet governance, and that some countries facing declining revenues from the exchange of traditional phone traffic will want to charge for Internet connections to, say, a Google or Facebook.

Queried by Adam Thierer of George Mason University's Mercatus Center about the FCC's "80-year history of regulatory capture and cronyism," Genachowski replied that when the FCC fights for "competition, openness & consumer empowerment," great results ensue.

Among Genachowski's other tweets were that his favorite app is the MLB's At Bat app -- he is a National's fan. To check out more of the online conversation, click here.