Genachowski Urges All Staff To Step Up On Broadband


FCC chairman Julius Genachowski will have an "all-hands" meeting with his staff Wednesday afternoon about the following day's broadband staff workshop, the first of 18 such meetings covering a range of topics.

The workshop will feature four FCC staffers participating as part of two panel sessions with government and non-profits, but the chairman wants to make the point that the national broadband plan due to Congress next February is a commission-wide undertaking, according to press secretary Jen Howard.

"He will stress that the development of the plan is a Commission-wide effort, and will urge all employees to contribute," said Howard in an e-mail.

Genachowski came into the job with twin mantras of openness and better input on decision-making. The Wednesday meeting will be open to the press.

The Aug. 6 workshop will be streamed, with an interactive element to allow Web surfers to ask questions in an open mike session following the panel discussion.

Thursday's workshop is on civic participation and e-government.