General Bandwidth Adds Reverse Gateway


General Bandwidth Inc. is debuting a reverse-access media gateway built on its “G6” voice-over-Internet-protocol media-gateway platform that will allow operators to transition from circuit-switched to VoIP phone architectures.

The product allows legacy remote terminals -- including digital-loop carriers and cable host terminals -- to seamlessly migrate from class-5 to soft-switch control.

"With the G6 reverse-access MG, a major impediment to reaching the objective of an all-IP network has been removed," General Bandwidth president and CEO Charles Vogt said.

The new product speeds migration to circuit-switched technology, the company said, enabling class-5 decommissioning; switching-office consolidation and disaster recovery; and soft-switch augmentation of overloaded class-5 switches.

General Bandwidth said Choice One Communications, a voice and data provider to businesses, will deploy the G6 in Pittsburgh and Milwaukee.