GI Adds Wink to Digital Line


Horsham, Pa. -- Wink Communications Inc. extended its
equipment-availability footprint last week, with General Instrument Corp. agreeing to
offer the Wink enhanced-broadcast feature in its advanced-digital DCT-2000 and DCT-5000
set-top line.

Wink already runs as an option on GI's analog and
advanced-analog set-tops, as well as on its DCT-1000 and DCT-1200 digital line.

The move means that cable customers equipped with DCT-2000
or DCT-5000 set-tops will see crisper Wink images, but Wink executives said the real
benefit rests in the aggregate interactive capabilities afforded by the inclusion.

Although the DCT-5000 line will enable Web-surfing and
other Internet capabilities via the TV, Wink's technique is to augment existing TV
broadcasts with one-click access to related content, executives said.