Gibbons to Host E! Show


Los Angeles -- Leeza Gibbons will host a new quarterly
issue-oriented show for E! Entertainment Television, officials said last week.

The show, produced by E! and Leeza Gibbons Entertainment,
will offer in-depth explorations of topics that affect not only those who work in the
entertainment industry, but all pop-culture consumers.

The series will look at the social and economic forces that
are at work behind the scenes to influence the products that audiences see on-screen.

The premiere installment, set to air in August, will focus
on Hollywood's obsession with youth and the implications of that trend, especially for

Subsequent documentaries will examine sexism in Hollywood
and the motivation behind celebrity involvement with charities.

In a prepared statement, Gibbons said, "The issues
that we're going to explore are not only significant to the entertainment community, but
they are also major issues in our society. And they just aren't being covered anywhere
else on television."