Giving Car Dealers a Hand


Now that the recession is official, and advertising revenue is taking an even bigger hit, one West Virginia broadcast station has launched a sales campaign to promote the region’s strong points by bolstering local industries, especially local car dealers, according to TV Newsday.

The centerpiece of the campaign was two, half-hour primetime specials showcasing 15 dealers at a time — at no cost. Each dealership was featured in an edited 90-second interview with its owner or general manager, translating into 12 minutes of free airtime because each special aired eight times between Dec. 4 and New Year's Day.

Dealers were free to use that time to offer insights on the auto industry, deliver a hardcore sales pitch or anything in between. WDTV account executives accompanied station videographers, both to conduct the interviews and to reinforce the campaign's larger mission of client service. Not surprisingly, dealers responded enthusiastically, many by instantly increasing their existing ad buys in order to become a sponsor of the specials.