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Flavor of the Week: Ikea’s Uppleva

THE HYPE: It’s an entertainment
center! No, it’s
a TV! Actually, it’s both:
The Scandinavian purveyor
of cheap furniture
has created Uppleva,
an all-in-one unit that
combines a TV stand
or cabinet with a
1080p LED HDTV (with
screen sizes ranging
from 26 to 46 inches), a Blu-ray Disc player and a wireless
subwoofer. The product’s electronics, which will
carry a five-year warranty, will be supplied by Chinese
TV manufacturer TCL.

WHAT IT MEANS: Ikea is pushing simplicity — and affordability
— with Uppleva (pronounced “oop-
LAY-vah”), seeking to cater to consumers who
just want a good TV that will look nice in their
living room. The system provides a single remote
control with cabling tucked away out of sight,
and also is Internet-enabled to provide access to
pictures and music, according to Ikea.

Starting at about $960;
after European launches this year, the U.S. debut
is expected in 2013.