A&E Networks’s new
drama series The Glades is the
latest example of cable’s trend
toward lighter crime-drama fare,
complete with lots of humor
amidst the dirty work of solving a

The series stars newcomer Matt
Passmore as detective Jim Longworth,
a big city-bred cop who’s
relocated to what he assumes
would be a more stress-free life in
the Florida Everglades. But when
a young couple discovers a dead
body in the swamp, the casuallydressed
Longworth is forced to put
his relaxing golf habit on hold and

Longworth mixes his humorous
charm with his sharp detective
instincts to track down clues
to the murder, all the while rubbing
his police colleagues and
his golf partner — local medical
examiner Carlos Sanchez (Carlos
Gomez) — the wrong way. Aided
by Callie Cargill (Kiele Sanchez),
an attractive, smart nurse — and
potential romantic interest
— Longworth eventually solves
the crime, but realizes the job will
not be the walk in the park he
had hoped for.

The Glades is an interesting departure
from A&E’s traditional dark
crime reality series and acquired
crime procedurals like CSI: Miami
and Law & Order. The network
must hope audiences warm up to
Passmore’s portrayal of a cool and
unorthodox detective to keep tuning
in on a weekly basis.