Global Warmings


Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Argentina's government last
week extended the duopoly status of the country's two telcos, Telefónica de
and TelecomArgentina, until November 1999, said a spokesman
at the National Communications Commission.

Englewood, Colo. -- Tele-Communications International
(TINTA) announced a string of widely anticipated media acquisitions through its
Argentine programming unit, Torneos y Competencias (TyC). That company has committed to
Argentine program-network group Pramer, owned by businessman Eduardo Eurnekian, and to
minority stakes in two other media groups: MultiMedios América and Editorial Atlántida.
The latter two deals include options to buy further interests. TINTA, with Liberty Media
Group, owns 40 percent of TyC.

London -- The U.K. cable industry added 500,586 cable-TV
customers and 1.7 million cable-telephony customers during 1997, according to figures
released by the Cable Communications Association last week. U.K. operators now
reach a total of 2.4 million cable-TV subscribers and 3.4 million cable-telephony
subscribers. Nearly 10.7 million U.K. homes were passed by cable at the end of 1997, up
from 8.4 million at the beginning of 1997.

London -- Nick Carrington, a British Sky
Broadcasting executive whom analysts were counting on to stabilize the company's
financial reins after a rash of top-level executive shifts, died March 6 after a brief
illness. Carrington replaced BSkyB finance director Richard Brooke after Brooke resigned
in November -- a departure that occurred concurrently with the resignation of BSkyB
leaders Sam Chisholm, David Chance and Richard Dunn.