Go2Broadband to Expand to VOD, DTV


Go2Broadband is going to become the go-to source for more than just
cable-modem service soon.

Cable Television Laboratories Inc. plans to expand the role of its
Go2Broadband service locator project from high-speed cable-modem service to
digital-TV service and video-on-demand offerings.

Go2Broadband has provided a central database of service availability for
retailers and consumers to check whether cable-modem service is offered in their

Available at kiosks in retail stores and via the Web, Go2Broadband draws
information from eight of the top 10 U.S. MSOs, and it attracted more than
550,000 users in May alone.

'AT&T Broadband supports the initiative, and our customers are already
benefiting from its use. The industry and our customers will benefit from
Go2Broadband's expanded, multiple-service capabilities,' said Susan Marshall,
senior vice president of advanced broadband services for AT&T Broadband.

CableLabs is also planning a summit meeting July 9 for existing and new
Go2Broadband affiliates. The meeting will cover retail and marketing strategies
for the service.