GoldPocket Partners in Interactivity


GoldPocket Interactive Inc. is teaming up with Final Draft Inc. to integrate
interactive-TV elements into the latter's scriptwriting software.

The deal will make it easier for producers and scriptwriters to integrate
elements such as polls or questions into TV-episode story lines.

The new 'ScriptNotes' section inside Final Draft's 'Version 6.0.3' can be
used to annotate scripts with interactive enhancements for interactive digital
set-top boxes, PCs or wireless platforms.

Final Draft executives said broadband networks are pushing TV producers to
include interactive elements in programs to engage viewers. 'Interactivity is
poised to completely change the way writers conceptualize television
programming,' said March Madnick, president and CEO of Final Draft.

Martijn Lopes Cardozo, vice president of product management for GoldPocket,
added, 'This completes the integration process across the whole value chain.'
Program networks are looking at doing more interactive elements to draw in
advertisers during the ad-spending recession, he said.