GoldPocket Publishes ITV Standard


GoldPocket Interactive is publishing its own internal, XML-based
interactive-TV standard in hopes of jump-starting interactive-TV production.

The production standard and the intellectual property behind it will be free
to all parties, GPI CEO Scott Newnam said.

By publishing the standard -- which is available at
-- Newnam hopes program producers will build interactivity into content as that
content is being created.

Middleware players Liberate Technologies, OpenTV Corp., Microsoft Corp. and
PowerTV Inc. said they'll support the standard, according to Newnam.

'We are seeing a growth in momentum' in the interactive-TV space, Newnam

The participation by middleware players means that some interactive content
could be deployed in 'DCT-2000-level' boxes. PowerTV would have to download
software into existing Scientific-Atlanta Inc. 'Explorer 2000' boxes to trigger
the interactivity, Newnam said.

In addition to the middleware vendors, he added, interactive-TV-production
companies like Beyond Z Interactive Media, Cylo, GIST Communications Inc. and
Interspot will participate.

Newnam said executives from America Online Inc., Game Show Network, Turner
Broadcasting System Inc., Lions Gate and Beyond Z, among others, will serve on
GPI's interactive-TV advisory committee.

Separately, GPI said it has developed an interactive-TV content-production
solution that allows editors to interface with Avid Technology Inc. 'MetaSync'
functionality available in new Avid equipment.

'These new solutions allow content producers to develop their interactive
elements just once to reach the vast majority of ITV viewers,' Newnam