Golf Channel Drives New Original Competition Series


In perhaps the network’s version of the Amazing Race or Survivor, Golf Channel will takes the wheels off a new original competition show this summer.

Five teams of skilled golfers will hit the road in Florida for the ultimate golf adventure – racing down fairways and off beaten paths to championship holes and holes-in-the-wall – on Highway 18, scheduled to premiere July 22.

The series, production on which begins next month, will follow the two-person teams competing in a golf “road rally,” where a variety of landmarks and little-known places will provide contestants a playing ground over 10, weekly episodes throughout the Sunshine State. Players navigate their way through challenges both on and off the golf course that will demand cooperation and ingenuity in order to survive elimination.

Each installment will feature a "road challenge" and a "clubhouse challenge."  The former comprises either quick stops – such as target practice at a highway driving range – or involved skills challenges in well-known, but non-traditional settings, including tourist attractions and sports venues. The latter challenges will take place at various golf courses, ranging from famous championship venues to municipal facilities.

Highway 18 will be so much more than 18 holes of golf,” said Golf Channel executive producer Jay Kossoff in a statement. “The paces we’ll put the contestants through and the emotional and physical journeys they will experience will captivate viewers.”