Golf Lines Up Senior Tour Coverage


The Golf Channel will tee off live coverage of the men's Senior PGA Tour
beginning next year.

The network will provide live three-round coverage of a minimum of 10 Senior
PGA Tour events. It will also present Friday coverage for the rest of the senior
circuit's tournaments.

Pax TV is the circuit's current Friday telecaster.

The restructuring of the Senior PGA Tour's TV coverage -- terms of which were
not disclosed -- also reduces incumbent telecaster CNBC's role.

The business-news channel -- which supplanted ESPN as the tour's primary TV
outlet in 2001 -- will continue to provide Saturday and Sunday
coverage for the events not picked up by Golf.

A Golf spokesman said the three-day tourney coverage would be determined at a
later point, after coordinating its schedule with the Senior PGA Tour itself

In addition to the live events, Golf said it plans to plug the Senior PGA
Tour and its members into its instructional and news programming, as well as
Viewer's Forum, its discussion, analysis and commentary show.

Although the current deal only runs for one year, the Golf spokesman said the
network and the Senior PGA are 'looking at building a long-term