Goof Stalls Jones Meeting


Philadelphia -- Jones Intercable Inc. had to postpone its
annual meeting of shareholders, which had been planned for last Thursday, due to a
clerical error by its stock-transfer agent.

According to Jones, the transfer agent -- ChaseMellon
Shareholder Services L.L.C. -- inadvertently mailed incorrect proxy cards to a small
number of shareholders. As a result, the annual meeting will be pushed back to Oct. 22 at
11 a.m., at Comcast Corp. headquarters here.

According to a press release, registered shareholders of
class-A common stock (symbol: JOINA) were mailed proxy cards for common stock (JOIN), and
vice versa. All other proxy material mailed to registered shareholders was accurate and
correct. Only registered shareholders representing about 1 percent of total outstanding
shares were affected.

Beneficial shareholders (shares held in brokerage accounts)
were mailed correct information because ChaseMellon does not administer those positions.

In April, Comcast completed its $700 million acquisition of
a controlling interest in Jones. As of that time, Jones has been an indirect consolidated
subsidiary of Comcast. Jones' stock is still traded on the National Association of
Securities Dealers Automated Quotation system.

Among other matters, common-stock holders will vote to
ratify the six Comcast senior executives on the nine-member Jones board of directors,
which they joined in April (or, in Comcast vice chairman Julian Brodsky's case, in
July). And class-A shareholders will vote on three other directors.