Google Fiber Heading to Raytown

Another Missouri City Gives Google Fiber the Green Light

Analysts are skeptical that Google will fund a massive deployment of its 1 Gig fiber network, but Google Fiber’s tentacles continue to spread into the Kansas City region.

The latest to join the club is the city of Raytown, Mo. The city's Board of Aldermen voted unanimously in favor of bringing in Google Fiber Tuesday night after striking a tentative deal earlier this month. Google Fiber hasn’t announced a build-out schedule for Raytown yet, but Raytown is the tenth Kansas City-area expansion announced so far, community manager Rachel Hack noted on the Google Fiber blog. “It will be awhile before we can hook up Raytown residents—we need to plan and build our network there first,” she wrote. 

Raytown, a Kansas City suburb, has a population of 29,622 and 13,276 housing units, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

Gladstone, Mo., a town just north of Kansas City, gave Google Fiber the green light last week. Google Fiber has also received approval to build in Grandview, Mo., and Shawnee and Olathe, Kan.

Outside of K.C., Google has also cut a deal to take over the iProvo fiber network in Provo, Utah, and plans to start connecting homes in Austin, Texas, by mid-2014