Google Fiber Posts Austin Pricing

1-Gig/Pay-TV Bundle To Start At $10 More Than In K.C. & Provo

Google Fiber has posted details on the three residential service plans it will offer in Austin as it prepares to open up the sign-up process next month.

While Google Fiber’s 1-Gig stand-alone service and free basic Internet tier are almost carbon copies of its offerings in the Kansas City area and in Provo, Utah, its bundled 1-Gig/pay-TV offering starts at $10 more per month.

In Austin, Google Fiber’s Gigabit+TV package, which features a video lineup with more than 150 channels and a DVR that can record up to eight shows at once, will start at $130 per month and waive the $300 construction fee if customers make a one-year commitment. Google Fiber’s 1-gig/pay-TV bundles in Kansas City and Provo start at $120 per month, a price based on a two-year contract.

Also in Austin, Google Fiber’s standalone 1-Gig service comes with 1 terabyte of cloud storage and also waives the $300 construction fee if customers commit to a year of service. Its “basic” Internet service (5 Mbps down by 1 Mbps upstream) is free, though customers must pony up the $300 construction fee, which they can pay all at once or in increments of $25 per month for 12 months.

Google Fiber construction is underway in Austin, with plans to open up the sign-up process in December. Using its demand-based model, Google Fiber will offer services in “fiberhoods” where it gets the requisite number of homes to sign up. Last week, Google Fiber committed to provide its basic Internet service for free to area public housing for ten years after construction begins, though the initiative will be limited to fiberhoods that meet their individual signup goals.

Google Fiber has begun to roll out a version of its service for small businesses in many of its K.C.-area fiberhoods, but hasn’t announced when it will extend that offer to other markets.

Grande Communications, which launched 1-Gig in Austin in February and recently moved ahead on an expansion, sells its “Power 1000” tier for $64.99 per month. AT&T sells its 1-Gig GigaPower service in pockets of Austin for $70 per month under a “Premier” plan under which customers must agree to participate in AT&T Internet Preferences, a targeted Web advertising program; and for $99 per month under its “Standard” offering.

Also in Austin, Time Warner Cable, the market’s incumbent cable operator, recently completed an upgrade there that bumps its former 50 Mbps (downstream) DOCSIS 3.0 tier to 100 Mbps.